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Connect with Hubdoc

Connecting your account to Hubdoc is easy! To get started: 


  1. Hover over the gear icon, and then select App Center
  2. Click Hubdoc
  3. Click Connect
    • For new Hubdoc users:
      • Fill out your information to create a Hubdoc account:
          • First Name
          • Last Name
          • Company Name
          • Email
          • Password
          • Are you an accountant or bookkeeper?
            • Yes
            • No
          • Agree to Terms and Conditions
      • Click Create account
      • Sign in to Hubdoc by entering the password you just created, and click Sign In Securely
    • For existing Hubdoc users:
      • Enter your Hubdoc login credentials
      • Click Sign In Securely
  4. Congratulations! You're connected. You will be redirected to, and the first sync will occur. 


If prompted for a token

  • In, Hover over the Gear Icon and click Settings
  • Under Sync, click Tokens
  • Name your token and click Save. (Remember the name. You will need it when you authenticate in Hubdoc.)
  • The token password is a long string with hyphens. 

What happens during the first sync?

The sync transfers between Hubdoc and everything that you'll need to pay bills - vendors, bills, PDFs, proper coding, and more.