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Basic Payables - Overview

We have a growing network of people who use to pay their bills and get paid. It's possible that your customers pay not only you through, but other companies as well. While they can log into your customized Customer Portal to pay only the invoices you send them, if they pay more than one company through, they would benefit from a free Basic Payables account. 


What is Basic Payables?

The Basic Payables account allows your customers to organize and streamline their experience, and get more out of it than ever before. Rather than having to log into multiple Customer Portals (one for each company they pay through to pay invoices, they can now manage their business contacts, connect with companies using, pay their bills, and more all in one place. They're also able to pay their bills using the mobile app!


What's the difference between Basic Payables, Customer Portal, and paid Advanced Payables?

A Basic Payables account is a lite version of Payables, ideal for businesses who want to pay their vendors without more advanced features, like syncing with an accounting system, or reports. Many of our fantastic features are only available to paid users; check out the differences in the table below. 




Basic Payables - Unverified (Free) Basic Payables - Transact with anyone (Free with transaction fees) Customer Portal (Free) Advanced Payables (Paid)



Pay all bills from users




  • Can make payments to any subscriber (paid only) 


  • Can make payments to any subscriber for free


  • Can pay one paid subscriber per Customer Portal


  • Can connect with and make payments to any user (free and paid)

Pay bills from users 


Can make payments to users for minimal transaction fees


  • Can send check payments to any vendor
  • Payment information can be entered manually, without vendor(s) using

Create/manage bills


Full use of the Inbox 



Manage Vendors Network

(Connect with businesses using, send messages, send bills/invoices, and more)



Pay via Bank Account


Pay via Credit Card


Pay via PayPal


Pay with the Mobile App


Auto Pay




Recurring Bills


Sync with Accounting System





Is Basic Payables available for my customers?

Currently, this feature is only available for Advanced Receivables accounts that are not set up for customers to pay via credit card.

  • Currently, payment via credit card is not available for Basic Payables accounts. 


How do my customers sign up?

There are a couple different ways your customers can sign up. Learn more here: 

Invite your Customers to pay you using









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