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Basic Payables and Receivables - Network Vendor / Customer Recommendations

We have a growing network of people who use to pay their bills and get paid. It's possible that more of your business contacts may already use to pay their bills or get paid! Find out how to grow your network connections below.


Getting Connected

Upload your vendor/customer list, and get connected! It's easy and only takes a minute. To get started, you'll need a CSV file of your vendor/customer list. 


I don't have a CSV of my vendor/customer list. 

No problem. We have a template you can use! Download the template here:

Vendor Import Sample

You can also download the template directly from the homepage of your Account. Under "Pay Vendors / Customers Electronically", look for the message, "Don't have a list? Create one now using our downloadable template." to find the download link. 


I've got my CSV! I'm ready!

  1. Great! In, click Payables
  2. Under "Pay Vendors Electronically", click Choose File
  3. Select your list, and then click Upload
  4. If the file you've uploaded doesn't match the default format, you'll be able to match the information from your file. 
  5. Once the list is uploaded, you're done! If we find potential matches, we'll display them on your homepage, under "Pay Vendors / Customers Electronically". 
  6. To connect with one of your recommended connections, just click Connect!


You can also search the network for companies to connect with. Learn more here: 

Search for a business in the Network