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NetSuite Sync: Update Sync Bundle Version

As we continue to improve the sync with NetSuite, you will sometimes need to update SuiteBundles within NetSuite. Normally, you will see a notification within NetSuite, letting you know it's time to update. If you don't see the notification, follow the steps below. 

Updating the sync bundle

  1. Hover over Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > click List
  2. Locate the Sync for NetSuite bundle. If you use Payments for NetSuite, you will see this bundle listed as well
  3. Click on the green icon next to the bundle name and click Update
  4. On the next page click Update Bundle
  5. On the Installer page click Refresh until the update is complete
  6. Once complete run the sync from NetSuite or 

* If the installed version is listed as 1.0.12 or older please contact Customer Support for further assistance.


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