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NetSuite Sync: Hierarchy Best Practices

With Bundle 3.0.3.c or Newer

With bundle 3.0.3.c or newer, supports the syncing of the child object, even if the subsidiary does not have access to the parent.

With Bundles prior to 3.0.3.c

With bundles prior to 3.0.3.c, does not support the syncing of a child object if the same subsidiary did not have access to the associated parent.


In this example, we have two subsidiaries: Acme, Inc. and Acme Mfg (which is a sub-subsidiary of Acme, Inc.).  Acme Mfg is the subsidiary that is syncing with

 We’ll look at three accounts:

  • 5000 Travel Expense
  • 5100 Travel Expense : Air Travel
  • 5110 Travel Expense : Air Travel : Fees

5000 and 5100 are only accessible by Acme, Inc.  5110 is accessible by both Acme, Inc. and Acme Mfg.

5110 will not be able to sync from NetSuite to, because Acme Mfg is the subsidiary that is syncing, and it does not have access to 5000 and 5100.  You would need to edit 5000 and 5100 and grant Acme Mfg access - once you’ve done that, 5110 will be able to sync.

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