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Sage Intacct Charge Card Setup and Workflow

Document Objective

The objective of this document is to provide details of the proper workflow when using Credit Cards and or Charge Card Accounts between Sage Intacct and This document will cover the proper setup of a Charge Card account in Sage Intacct, and will show the step by step process of creating and paying a bill using the Charge Card account.

  1. Setting up a Charge Card Account in Sage Intacct
  • Select the Charge Card Accounts in the Cash Management Section. You will be given a list of accounts already setup and also the option to setup a new Charge Card Account.


  1. Charge Card Account Layout
  • Fill out the information completely here. It is impotant you assign the appropriate GL account here to ensure the amounts offset correctly.



  1. Setting the Credit Card Vendor
  • The most important section here is the Vendor ID. Depending on what Credit Card you setup, for example “Capital One”. You should create a Vendor also named “ Capital One” and then select this vendor in the following field.



  1. Paying Bills with Charge Card Account.
  • does not allow you to use a credit card directly for Bills. In order to use this, you will need to select the Bills you want to pay and click the “Mark As Paid” button as pictured below.



  1. Selecting Charge Card Account
  • The Credit Card account will need to be selected from the dropdown for “ Payment Account”. This will ensure that the Charge Card account is being recorded as the payment account for these bills. Once this is selected, click SAVE. Once this payment is recorded, please run a new Sync to transfer this information over to Sage Intacct.



  1. Confirming Balance in Sage Intacct
  • Once the sync is completed , the bill and payment will now show in Sage Intacct. Now that the credit card has been used to record a payment, you will now see a balance on the AP Ledger for the Credit Card Vendor.



  1. Creating a Bill from the Credit Card Liability
  • Charge Payoffs is where liability from Credit Cards are recorded, and from here you can easily create a bill for the credit card vendor in Sage Intacct. You will find the Charge Payoffs section under Cash Management. In order to use this tool correctly, please click on the “plus icon” which is indicated below by the red arrow.



8. Select the appropriate Charge Card

  • On the next screen, you will be able to select which Charge Card account to look for Charge Payoffs. Please choose the appropriate account here and then click on the Continue button.



9. Selecting Charge Payoffs to create Bills

  • The next page will provide you a list of Charge Payoffs associated with this Charge Card. In other words, it will specifically list every instance in which the credit card was used to pay other Bills. What this screen is for is to shift the liability to the Credit Card Vendor as a brand new Bill.
  • Here you have the option of either selecting individual Charge Payoffs and creating individual bills for the Credit Card vendor, or you can select the “ Pay Full” check box and combine all Charge Payoffs into one Bill.
  • Once you have your selection, click Save.



10. Charge Payoff Completed

  • The next page will show you what Charge Payoffs you have completed. If you have made a mistake, you can click the “ Reverse” link here to undo your Charge Payoff.
  • Now that your Charge Payoff is processed, there will now be a Bill created for the Credit Card Vendor.



  11. Bill now showing for the Credit Card Vendor

  • Locate your Credit Card Vendor, or list of bills and you will now find a bill that has a number containing “ Charge Payoff” in it’s name. This is a brand new bill that is now created in Sage Intacct for your Credit Card vendor, which you can now make a payment for.
  • If you have 2-way syncing turned on in, then you can now run a new sync and this Bill will be sent into for payment.



  1. New Bill for Credit Card Vendor in
  • Your Bill will now show up in and is awaiting payment.




Below, find some additional resources we think will be helpful for setting up your account, and understanding how works.

Charge Card Workflow from Sage Intacct (Sage Intacct Article requires Sage Intacct Login )