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Xero Sync - At a Glance

The sync with Xero eliminates double data entry by automatically sending all your information to from Xero, and sending back payments made/received in

Here’s how sync can enable you to seamlessly integrate payments in your workflow:


By default, your account syncs automatically, once a day. You can also trigger a sync manually at any time. 


What syncs?


Things to Know

  • All payments must be made/recorded in If you make or receive payments outside of, remember to return to and mark the bill/invoice as paid. 
  • Only unpaid invoices in Xero will sync to Draft, partially- and fully-paid bills/invoices won't sync to
  • doesn’t sync file attachments to/from Xero
  • While Items are a two-way sync, Sales Tax is still one way from Xero to
  • All unpaid bills and invoices from sync to Xero as Awaiting Payment
  • $0 bills will sync from to Xero as Paid.
  • AR payments in will only sync to Xero if applied to an invoice; overpayments/unapplied payments will not sync to Xero.
  • When initially creating locations and departments, those will sync from Xero to and/or to Xero. Updates/deletions made to these items, however, will not sync from Xero to They must be done in manually.




Xero Sync - FAQs

Xero Sync - Best Practices


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