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Customer: Jobs and QuickBooks

In QuickBooks:

  • A customer is anyone who pays you for goods or services
    • Invoices created under customers are listed under customers
  • A Job is a specific project or scope of work that you want to track
    • Invoices created under jobs are listed under the job as well as the Customer


  • A customer will sync as a customer record
    • Customer invoices sync to the customer record
  • A job (sub-customer) will sync as a separate customer record
    • Job invoices sync only to the job (sub-customer) record

Customer record example

In QuickBooks

ACME is a customer that has two completed jobs (Build and Consulting) with differing expenses. In QuickBooks, two jobs (sub-customers) would be set up to keep track of the expenses.



Both the Customer (ACME) and the Jobs (Build and Consulting) sync as individual Customer Records.


Note: Each Customer record of a sub-customer will list the Parent Customer.

  • The customer record must be in edit mode to view the details

Invoices example

In QuickBooks

  • Jobs are listed as sub-customers of customers.  An invoice created under the job is visible under both the customer and the job.  In this example, invoice #15 Customer_record.png Job_record.png


  • The invoice will only sync to the job (sub-customer) record, and not be visible under the customer.                                   Invoice_association_in_BDC_Java.png