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Oracle NetSuite Sync: Best Practices for Bill Payments


  • If a bill is paid outside of, you should mark it as paid in and allow that payment to sync into Oracle NetSuite.
    • Recording the payment in Oracle NetSuite first will cause sync errors.

From Oracle NetSuite to

  • Bill Payments do not sync to from Oracle NetSuite.

From to Oracle NetSuite

  • does not support departments, locations, and/or classes on bill payments.
    • When bill payments sync from to Oracle NetSuite, they will use whatever is set as the Default Payables classification in the Preferences record.
    • To make it easier to reclassify these records (as needed), you can create a department, location, and/or class called “Unclassified”, or “Uncoded”, or something similar, and set that as your Default Payables classification.  This will allow you to run a report to isolate the bill payments that need to be reclassified.