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December 2014 - Release Highlights

Did you miss our Release Webinar? No problem! Watch the recording here:  December 2014 Release Webinar


Network Improvements

Public Profile

Make it easy for businesses to find you so that paying your bills and getting paid is simple! Your network profile is your own page that can be viewed by anyone, without needing to log into You control your profile’s visibility settings, including how much information to display, and designate a customized profile URL to send to vendors and customers.

Network Profile Visibility Settings


Invitation to Connect on Checks

Starting with this release, if your network profile is Public, your vendors will see ePayment invitations on checks, followed by your personalized profile URL, making it easy for them to connect with you and get paid electronically. Increasing ePayment adoption by your vendors will lower your costs, increase your security, and help keep you paperless.

Interactive Messages on eBills and eInvoices

Have a question for a vendor or customer about a bill or invoice? If you’re connected in the Network, communicating with your business contacts is easier than ever - just add a note to the eBill or eInvoice in question, and make it visible to your vendor or customer!


Save money by paying more vendors with ePayments!

ePayment Meter

We’ve added a new ePayment meter to your Network Connections page, where you can keep track of your ePayment adoption rate, and compare your score with that of the average scores of’s customers with the highest ePayment adoption. From here you can also manage your profile visibility settings, and easily invite your vendors to receive ePayments.


Network Vendor Recommendations

Continue to increase your ePayment adoption by connecting with more of your vendors who already use to accept payments! We compare your vendors’ full names and zip codes with a pool of over 10,000 verified businesses that already use, and recommend matches to you on your Network Connections page.

Network - Vendor Recommendations


Frequent Customer Requests

Fast Pay - expedited payments in one click!

This is one of our most frequently requested features, and we’re very excited to be able to announce it in this release! We are now offering expedited payment -- Overnight, 2-day, and 3-day checks delivered by UPS, with tracking, and Overnight ePayments. Fast Pay is the perfect solution when a vendor must be paid faster than our standard payment timing allows, allowing you to keep your business running smoothly without a break in your workflow.

Please note: All new customers will have access to Fast Pay once their standard payment timing has been reviewed and accelerated. Fast Pay will be turned on for all qualifying customers in phases; everyone who is eligible will have Fast Pay available by January 22. Fast Pay


Credit Memos - Beta

This is another frequently-requested feature, and we’re so excited to bring it to you! In this public beta, you will be able to create customer credits, customize credit templates, send credits to your customers, and apply credits to open invoices. If you are connected with your customer in the network, your customer credit for them will get sent directly to their Inbox, where it will become a vendor credit on their side! And when your connected customer pays an invoice using your credit, we make sure it is applied correctly in your account (note: currently, Credit Memos do not sync with accounting systems, and will need to be entered manually).


Improvements and Fixes

Pending Connection Status

After inviting vendors to receive ePayments, their connection statuses will show as Pending until they complete the account set up process. Now you’ll have more clarity when it comes to your vendors’ connection status, so you can send reminders, or help with the set up process if necessary.


Improved Vendor Invites

Invitations sent to vendors who already use a free account to accept ePayments will connect automatically - you won’t need to wait for your vendor to accept your invite before you can start paying electronically!


Intacct 2.0 Improvements

1-Way Transaction Sync

We have added the ability to support a 1-way sync of transactions from into Intacct. If you currently use the Intacct 2.0 sync and don't sync to automatically import the bills created in Intacct, please contact Customer Support to have this option turned on.


Sync error: “Invalid payment method”

We have fixed this sync error occurring on payments utilizing “Credit Card”-type GL accounts.


Sync error: “Cannot update root level entity”

We have reduced the occurrence of this sync error, which is triggered by a change payment terms. Payment terms will need to be updated manually in Intacct and