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July 2014 - Release Highlights Business Payments Network

Quickly connect and transact with your customers and vendors

We’re very excited to roll out the next phase of our Business Payments Network! Now it’s easier than ever to pay and get paid electronically, by connecting with your customers and vendors. Anyone with a account can connect on the Network, and the new Network tab in your account allows you to easily keep track of your Network Connections. Business Payments Network


Account Security and User Permissions

User Session Alerts

The security of your data is very important to us; in order to maintain the privacy of your sensitive financial information, you will be alerted before being automatically logged out of a session that has been idle for 35 minutes. You’ll receive an alert you when your session is about to end and give you the option to refresh the session; we’ll also let you know when your session has timed out, and give you the option to log back in. When you log back in from this page, you’ll be returned to the last page you were last working on.

Session Time Out


Change to the Clerk Role Permissions

Many of you have requested this change - the default permissions for the Clerk role no longer includes “View and Manage Cash Forecast”.


AutoPay Improvements

Charge Date Customization

Take greater control of your Receivables! Now, when setting up Auto Pay for your customers, you have the option of establishing when customers are charged for open invoices: x days before or after the invoice due date. Your customers who set up Auto Pay themselves through the Customer Portal can also establish a customized charge date for invoices sent to them.  

Customer Auto Pay with Receivables


Overdue Invoice Process Change

Overdue invoices for customers who are set up to auto pay from a bank account are now charged on the next business day, rather than three business days later. This process now matches the process for overdue invoices for customers who auto pay with a credit card.

Auto Pay - Overdue Invoices


Import/Export Improvements

Export filters for more refined reports

Get the most out of your Export Reports! New Export Filters allow you to produce a precise .CSV report, greatly reducing, or potentially eliminating, time spent manually sorting through export files to get the information you need.

Exporting records and transactions from using CSV files


Identify classifications on bill and invoice imports with IDs

When coding bills and invoices for import to, now you can choose to use the ID to identify classifications, instead of the name. We’ll match it with the correct record in