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Intacct Sync Error: Please link vendor to this Charge Card.

You are receiving this error because the Intacct API does not allow sync to use a bank account that is linked to a credit/debit card.  The only way to fix this is to unlink the credit/debit card from the bank account GL(COA) listed in sync preferences in 

Credit/Debit card setup screen:  This bank account cannot be associated to the GL listed in sync preferences.  Either delete the bank account and charge/debit card completely or create a bank account in Intacct to associate those charges to.

Bank Account selected for the debit card – 2—Checking Account

2—Checking Account is associated to the GL 2222-Billcom Offline Checking

Used 2222 Billcom Offline Checking for the Payment Account

Received Error:

Changed the checking account associated to the debit card, error went away, payment synced.

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