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July 2015 - Release Highlights

Register for our Release webinar on July 21st, and hear our Product Managers talk about these great new features! 


Feature Requests and Security Updates

Adding New Vendors: Search and Connect

Hundreds of thousands of vendors already use to accept payments online. Connecting with vendors in the network is the easiest way to start paying your bills electronically, which saves you time and money. When you add a new vendor, we’ll search the network and show you potential matches, so you can get connected right away.

Adding New Vendors

Tagging Coworkers in Notes

Now you can collaborate with your co-workers quickly and easily. Have a question about a specific bill or invoice, or about one of your customers or vendors? Tag a user from your account, and send them an email notification, by typing @, followed by their name.

Tagging Other Users in Notes

Customizable Memo Field

This is one of your most frequent requests! After scheduling payments, you’ll have the opportunity to customize the memo field for checks and ePayments. Your custom memo field will appear directly on check payments, and in the description info sent with ePayments.

Customize Payment Memo Fields

Pay Bills Page Layout

Sometimes you may need to print a check in your accounting system, or pay a bill offline and mark it as paid in We know flexibility is important, so with, you can do that! However, we’ve heard your concerns that the other options on the Pay Bills page weren’t very clear. In this release, we’ve updated the layout in that section, so all the payment, and payment-recording, options are clean and clear.

Increased Security

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is already helping to keep safe and secure---sometimes, when accessing sensitive information in your account, you’re prompted to enter a code that has been sent to you via text or voice message. We’re expanding the coverage of MFA, so that it protects more places in your account.

Make sure the phone number you have on file is up to date, and add a backup phone number, too. Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication: Change your phone number, or add a backup number

“Fast Pay” Name Change

To make all of our payment options clear and easier to find, Fast Pay is now called Pay Faster. You’ll now see the Pay Faster option on the Pay screen, next to the bills’ Arrives By dates.

Paying Bills Faster



Sync Improvements

Xero Sync 2.0 (Beta)

We know the current OneSaas sync between and Xero has been really difficult, but we’re committed to making sure your future syncing experiences are painless. In this release, we’re beginning a Beta testing period for our brand new Xero Sync 2.0 for Payables and Receivables! will connect with Xero directly, and is a breeze to set up and maintain. The beta is invite-only right now, and we plan to begin upgrading 1.0 users in early September.

QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0 (Beta)

The QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0 has a ton of great new features, including the ability to sync unpaid invoices from QuickBooks Online into, and 2-way sync support for Locations and Vendor Tax ID. And in September, support for Sales Tax will be ready! This sync is built using the most up-to-date API from Intuit, and is currently in Beta. This is in a private beta right now; the sync will fully launch in September!

Sync Menu

Users of any of our 2.0 syncs will now see a new icon on their homepage, next to the search bar. This icon will prompt you to set up your sync, let you know if there are sync errors to be taken care of, and it will even spin to let you know when a sync is running. You can also quickly start a sync or access your sync status page using this menu from any page in

New Dimensions on Invoices and Credit Memos

Accounts Receivable users will now be able to use Locations, Classes, and Projects/Jobs on invoices and credit memos. Intacct Sync 2.0 will sync all three dimensions on invoices, and QuickBooks Online Sync 2.0 and Xero Sync 2.0 will sync Locations on invoices.

Marking Offline Payments Not to Sync

Intacct Sync 1.0 users, rejoice! All 2.0 syncs, including Intacct, now have the ability to mark offline payments not to sync.