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Your Company Profile

The Company profile contains important information about your company, including contact information, tax information, company logo, and more. 

About the profile

  • Settings
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  • Company Information
    • Company Name
    • Display Name
    • Primary Company Owner
    • Tax ID / Tax ID Type
      • Note: In order to remain compliant with laws and regulations surrounding money movement, users are required to provide the Primary Company Owner and Tax ID.
    • Phone 
    • URL
    • Company Logo
    • About
  • Company Location
    • Country
    • Address
      • Note: Use as your company's mailing address is an option to specify a separate address that will be displayed on checks
  • Other Info
    • Industry
    • Business Type
    • Number of Employees
    • Timezone
    • Payment Network ID

How to update your company profile

  1. Hover over the gear icon, and then click Settings
  2. Under Your Company, click Profile
  3. Click the edit icon
  4. Edit any fields that needs to be updated
  5. Click Save