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Your Company Profile

The Company Profile contains important information about the company, including your company logo, contact information, tax information, networking preferences, and more. Edit this information to manage updates.

Editing the Company Profile

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Your Company, click Profile
  3. Click the edit icon
  4. Update the available fields
  5. Click Save

Information in the Company Profile


  • Controls your company's visibility in the Network search

Company Information

  • Company Name (required)
  • Display Name (required) - DBA Name (Doing Business As), alternative or secondary company name that needs to be displayed on your Network Profile
  • Company Owner (required)
  • Tax ID (required)
  • Tax ID Type (required)
  • Phone (required)
  • URL
  • Company Logo
  • About

To remain compliant with laws and regulations regarding money movement, each business must provide the Primary Company Owner's Name and Tax ID Number (TIN).

Company Location

  • Country (set to United States, not editable)
  • Address (required)
    • Use as a company's mailing address is checked by default, uncheck to specify an alternate address that will be printed on checks.

Other Information

  • Industry
  • Business type 
  • Purpose of Use (some accounts will not see this option)
  • Number of Employees
  • Timezone
  • Payment Network ID (assigned upon account creation, not editable)