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Setting up and using the Network

The Network is a great addition to the wide array of business tools already found in This article explains the various features available within the Network.

  • See possible matches in the Network based off of your vendor list
  • Connect with vendors you are already paying by check who may also be using
  • See how your rate of ePayment adoption compares with's top ePayment users


Find any company in our network using:

  • Business Name
  • Payment Network ID
    • Each account has its own unique payment network id, which will need to be obtained from the business to be connected with. 


Keep track of existing connections all in one place.


Monitor the invitations that have been sent and received, and sort them by status:

  • Any
  • Pending
  • Accepted
  • Rejected

My Network Profile

This profile will be what other users see if searching for your business in the network. Add a logo to make the profile more recognizable. To add a logo:

  • Hover over the hexagon, click Edit logo
  • Browse for the logo file
  • Click Upload

Things to Know

  • Electronic payments can not be received if a bank account has not been set up in Payments received from connected vendors will be in check format.
  • Any payments made to a vendor that has not set up their bank account yet will be in check format. If a connected vendor has not set up their bank account yet, it will show "ePayment Pending" on their vendor page.