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Creating a recurring invoice

  1. Hover over Receivables, then click Recurring Invoices
  2. Click New
  3. On the New Recurring Invoice page enter details, such as:
    • Next Due Date - the due date of the next invoice needed
    • Create - the number of days before the due date that invoice needs to be created
    • Customer - the company or person being invoiced
    • Payment Terms - how soon payment is expected
    • Frequency - how frequently invoices need to be created
    • Ends on - the date to stop creating the invoice (if the next due date is on or after the Ends On date, the invoice will not be created
    • Invoice Template - the look-and-feel of the invoice
    • Item - details about the product or service for invoicing, including Description, Quantity, Price, Location, Class, Job, and whether the item is taxable
      • To apply a discount, refund, or rebate, enter a negative value or percentage for Price
    • Customer Message - any extra details to help the customer understand and pay the invoice. This message appears above the line items on the invoice.
    • Send Via -
      • Automatically send recurring invoices - invoice will be emailed immediately once it is created
      • Email the invoice later (uncheck "Automatically send recurring invoices")
      • Have mail the invoice via USPS
        • Important: For security reasons, Print/Mail Invoice is only available after you’ve added an active bank account.
        • Invoice can also be printed to be mailed outside of
  4. Click Save


Things to know

  • If the create date is today's date or earlier, the invoice will be created within 30 minutes.
  • The Invoice Date will be Due Date minus the Payment Terms. If no payment terms are set, the Invoice Date will be the Due Date.
  • The amount of the invoice can be edited after creation, if it varies. When setting up the recurring invoice, enter an amount of $0.01
  • A document can be attached from the Inbox by clicking the "Document for" drop-down menu while processing the document, and selecting the invoice.
  • The end date cannot be equal to the date of the last invoice. The system views the end date as such, and will not create on that date.  The end date must be at least one day after.



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