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Importing Non-transaction Records - Best Practices allows the option to Import Non-Transaction data.

Best Practices

Non-transaction records are:

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Departments
  • Items
  • Classes
  • Locations
  • Jobs

Import non-transaction records before importing transaction records.

The import is able to create and update records by checking the following fields (called Key Fields):

  • Vendor:
    • Vendor Name*
  • Customer:
    • Customer Name*
  • Chart of Account:
    • Name*
    • Account Number
  • Department:
    • Name*
  • Item:
    • Name*
  • Class:
    • Name*
  • Location:
    • Location Name*
    • Location ID*
    • Parent Location ID
  • Job:
    • Job Name*
    • Job ID*
    • Parent Job ID
  • Class:
    • Class ID*
    • Parent Class ID

The import works by checking Key Fields in for a record to update. On the import preview page, the Action column will inform you whether the line item will be a Create or an Update.  If no matching record is found, the Action column will say Create, a new record is created. If more than one field is listed for a record,  the Action column will say Update, both fields must match the record in before the Import will try to update that record.


Fields with an asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

  • Make sure all Key Fields in the Import file are unique, otherwise an error will occur. For example, attempting to import multiple Vendors with the same Vendor Name will result in an error. When a record type has more than one Key Field, the combination must be unique - for example, you may have Accounts with the same Account Name as long as they have different Account Numbers.
  • If a field in the Import file matches more than one record in when creating or updating during an import, it will result in an error
  • If you leave a column blank in the import, it will ignore that field when importing.
  • If an import fails, click the View link in the Action column to get more information, and download a .CSV Error Report.


For more information about importing a specific record type, you can review the attributes page for each record -