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Video: Processing Items from the Inbox

There are multiple options when processing a document from your Inbox.


Once you send or upload a document to your Inbox, you can:

Create a new:

    • Bill
    • Vendor Credit
    • Payment Received
    • Document for:
      • Account
      • Company
      • Customer
      • Invoice
      • Pmt Received
      • Vendor

Add to an Existing:

  • Bill
  • Vendor Credit
  • Vendor Doc
  • Company Doc


  • If you have several documents to process from your Inbox, save time by using the multi-function Save button - "SAVE & NEXT ITEM". The document you just processed will be saved, and you will be presented with the next document from your Inbox to process, without any extra steps.


  • If it is a multipage document and all pages are associated to the same bill, check the box next to Include all remaining pages