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Some parts of aren't working correctly for me; what can I do?

If you find that isn't functioning correctly, first check to make sure you're using the . If your browser is up-to-date, check to make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.
Many aspects of utilize JavaScript - including the windows If a window like the bill summary or document association window is not appearing, check to make sure you don't have an extension or add-on in your browser thadisables JavaScript.
You can test this by opening your browser for JavaScript functionality. Please consult your network administrator before performing these operations to ensure they are compliant with your current computer use policy, and to ensurthat you have administrator access.
Internet Explorer:

In your browser menu bar, click "Tools", or the gear icon (depending on which version of Internet Explorer you're using), and theselect Internet Options.
Select the Security tab
Click "Custom level..."
Select Enable for "Active Scripting" item the Scripting section.
When asked"Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?", select Yes
Click Apply, and then click OK

Mozilla Firefox:

Oyoubrowser, click the Firefox menu, or the horizontal bars icon (depending on which version of FireFox you're currently using)and then select Options
In the Options window select the Content tab
Mark the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox
Click OK


Oyoubrowser clicthe horizontal bars iconand then click Settings
In the Settings section, click "Show advanced settings..."
Under thPrivacy sectioclick "Content settings..."
When the dialog window opens, look for the JavaScript section and select "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)"
Close the Settings tab

If JavaScript is enabled on your browsers, contact your network administrator to ensure your firewall and router allow for JavaScript to run on your network without interference.
If yohave performed the above steps, and you find still isn't functioning properly, please .
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