Sign in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)/2-step verification

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)/2-step verification is a security process that requires more than one method of authentication from independent credentials to verify your identity.

MFA/2-step verification adds an additional layer of security to your account by requiring not only a username and password to log in, but also an additional code sent to your phone. This makes it extremely difficult to break into a account. 

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Set up MFA/2-step verification

When you create a account, we request a phone number to use for MFA/2-step verification.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Enter the phone number
  3. Select whether to send security code by text or phone call
  4. Click Submit
  5. Enter the security code you receive
  6. Click Submit


Set up a backup number

In case you ever lose access to your Primary phone number, we highly recommend establishing a backup.

  1. Hover over the gear icon, click Settings
  2. Click Profile under You
  3. Hover over Details, click Security
  4. Click Add Backup 2-Step Verification
  5. Click Next, then follow steps to establish backup phone



Use an international number for MFA/2-step verification

MFA/2-step verification supports text codes to all US and international cell phone numbers. Codes via phone call are only available to cell phone numbers from the US and Canada.

  • Be sure to include "+" followed by your country code when entering your phone number so that it will be accepted. For example, phone number from England would be formatted as +4401234567890
  • Enter your phone number with no spaces
  • There are some limitations to sending SMS messages to mobile devices in India. For more information: Limitations sending SMS messages to Indian mobile devices.


Other ways to receive codes

If you don't have a mobile phone or landline to receive MFA/2-step verification codes, you can use these alternatives:


When MFA/2-step verification is triggered

You will be prompted with a text or a voice message to enter a code upon logging in to

These other actions also prompt MFA/2-step verification codes:

  • Changing your password
  • Changing your phone number(s)
  • Switching to a different browser
  • Changes to your browser, such as:
    • Disabling browser cookies, using a cookie management extension or clearing browser data
    • Changing the browser supported language, i.e.: adding a new language
    • Upgrading to a different version of the browser


Change your MFA/2-step verification phone numbers

You can change your primary or backup phone number for MFA/2-step verification in your account. You will need access to the current phone number in order to receive a code to authorize the change. 

  1. Hover over the gear icon, click Settings
  2. Click Profile under You
  3. Hover over Details, click Security
  4. Click Change Primary 2-Step Verification
  5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion of the Primary Phone
  6. To confirm, a Security Code will be sent to the existing Primary Phone number, enter the Security Code, then follow the steps to set up the new Primary Phone number.

If you no longer have access to your original Primary phone number, and you have already established a Backup phone number, click Use Backup Phone


If you no longer have access to your primary phone number, and you have not established a backup number, contact Customer Support. 


Troubleshooting MFA/2-step verification

Codes are not being received

  • Always use a direct line, codes cannot be routed through an extension
  • You may need to restart your device
  • If your phone is unable to receive codes, please try using the alternate options
  • Add a backup phone number before you leave the country. MFA/2-step verification may not be available outside the United States if your device will not receive calls or text messages while out of the country.
  • If you no longer have access to your primary or backup phone numbers, click Contact Us at the top of this page for assistance.
  • Customer Support can check to see if the codes are being sent. Click Contact Us at the top of this page if the suggestions above don't help.

Prompted for a security code after selecting trust this device

If you are being prompted for MFA/2-step verification codes often, after selecting to trust your device for 30 days, follow these steps to resolve:

  1. Save our domain ( as a trusted website on any site blockers or ad blockers
    • Examples of some site/ad blockers:
      • AdBlock Plus
      • Freedom
      • StayFocused
      • Limit
      • Poper blocker
      • PrivacyBadger
  2. Remove all trusted devices listed under your user profile
    1. Click Settings
    2. Click Security under You
    3. Click Remove next to each device listed under Trusted Devices
  3. Sign out of

When you sign in again, we will request an MFA/2-step verification code. Enter the code you receive and select trust this device.


What to do if you no longer have access to the phone number

If you can't access your primary or backup numbers, or you are not receiving codes after trying these tips, contact Customer Support.


Things to know

  • It is best practice to not share numbers or use another person's phone number for MFA/2-step verification
  • Click trust this computer to reduce the number of MFA/2-step verification code prompts
    • Do not select the "trust this computer" box when working on someone else's computer or logging in from a public location (like a library computer)
  • Approver users do not need to set up MFA/2-step verification, but Admin users can request that MFA/2-step verification be enabled for Approvers if desired, through Customer Support