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Add, change, or remove approvers on a bill/vendor credit

To remove approvers who have not yet approved, add new approvers, or reorder the approver list:

  1. Locate the bill or vendor credit 
  2. In the Summary window, click the Edit icon
  3. Under Approvers, make the necessary changes - use the "remove" link to remove approvers, the drop-down menu to add new approvers, and the sliders on the right to change the order
  4. Click Save

To delete all approvers from a bill or vendor credit, even if they have already approved, denied, or skipped the bill/vendor credit:

  1. Locate the bill or vendor credit 
  2. Hover over Bill Details (or just Details, for vendor credits), and click Approvers
  3. Click [del all] next to the list of approvers to remove all approvers from bill/vendor credit
  4. Click OK
  5. To add new approvers, hover over Details/Bill Details, and click Summary
  6. Click the Edit icon
  7. Add approvers as necessary, and then click Save