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Removing another user from the bank account

If a staff member with bank access has left the company or has a role change that eliminates their need to access the bank account, it may be necessary to remove their access to pay bills using the bank account.

To remove access

  1. In the upper right, hover over the gear icon. Then click Settings
  2. On the Settings page, under Your Company, click Bank Accounts
  3. Click the link for the appropriate bank account
  4. For the person you'd like to remove from the account, click Details
  5. Click Remove Access and confirm your choice to delete the user from the bank account

This does NOT delete the user from your account. They'll still be able to log in but will no longer be able to make payments using the bank account they've been removed from. If the user is on more than one account and should no longer have access, repeat these steps.

Only another authorized user on the bank account will be able to perform this action. If your bank account is at risk because the only person with access to the bank account in is no longer with the company, contact Support via Live Chat or secure email. We can deactivate your account to protect your assets. You will also not be able to remove yourself from a bank account. If this is needed, provide another bank authorized user with these steps.