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Create an invoice

  1. Hover over Receivables, and then click Invoices
  2. Click New
  3. Enter details such as:
    • Customer - the company or person being billed. If the customer a user, the invoice will automatically become an eInvoice, sent directly to their account. If not, they will receive it as a PDF attachment to an email.
    • Invoice Number - any numbers or letters to help identify the invoice later
    • Invoice Date - the day the invoice is created (not the day the invoice is sent)
    • Payment Terms - how soon payment is expected
    • Due Date - specific day payment is expected (filled automatically if Payment Terms is selected)
    • Invoice Template - the look-and-feel of the invoice
    • Item - details about the product or service for invoicing, including Description, Quantity, Price, Location, Class, Job, and whether the item is taxable
      • To apply a discount, refund, or rebate, enter a negative value or percentage for Price
    • Credits Available: credit memo and/or unapplied payment balances will appear here; enter an amount if you want to apply any available credit to the new invoice. The balance will auto-calculate.
    • Customer Message - any extra details to help the customer understand and pay the invoice (appears below the line items on the invoice)
    • Send Via - Email the invoice now or later (customize the message after clicking Save), or uncheck the Email box if entering the invoice for record purposes only.
      • Email Now - The invoice will be sent immediately.
      • Email Later - The invoice will be created, but not sent till selected to email action is taken. See below for instructions on emailing later.
  4. Click Save


Options after invoice creation

Invoice Actions (from the Invoice Summary box)

  • Clone - Create a new invoice with the exact same information (handy for recurring invoices)
  • Enter Payment - Record (post) payment received from customer
  • Attach a doc - include supporting paperwork
  • US Mail - We’ll mail the invoice within one business day, including a return envelope and payment stub.
    • Important: For security reasons, Print/Mail Invoice is only available after you’ve added an active bank account.
  • Print - Save the invoice as a PDF file for printing, faxing, or mailing later
  • Email - Send the invoice directly to the customer, who will receive it as a PDF attachment to the email (the email includes a link to pay the invoice electronically)

Invoice Details (above image of invoice)

  • Summary - Details of invoice
  • Invoice Payments - Payments applied to invoice; enter (post) payment received from customer
  • Notes - notes entered for invoice; enter new note for invoice
  • Actions - Actions taken on invoice by users
  • Documents - Supporting paperwork for invoice
  • Audit Trail - A record of changes made to the invoice

Things to know

  • Important: For security reasons, Print/Mail Invoice is only available after you’ve added an active bank account.
  • We can only mail invoices within the United States
  • At this time, we only have the option to download or print one invoice at a time.
  • We send 1 separate email to each address in the To field, and we copy the addresses in the CC field on each on each separate email. If there are 5 addresses in the To field, any addresses in the CC field will receive 5 separate
  • Any addresses added to the CC field will automatically be added as a Contact for the Customer, if it doesn’t already exist
  • emails.