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Create an invoice

  1. Hover over Receivables, and then click Invoices
  2. Click New
  3. Enter details such as:
    • Customer - the company or person being billed. If the customer a user, the invoice will automatically become an eInvoice, sent directly to their account. If not, they will receive it as a PDF attachment to an email.
    • Invoice Number - any numbers or letters to help identify the invoice later
    • Invoice Date - the day the invoice is created (not the day the invoice is sent)
    • Payment Terms - how soon payment is expected
    • Due Date - specific day payment is expected (filled automatically if Payment Terms is selected)
    • Invoice Template - the look-and-feel of the invoice
    • Item - details about the product or service for invoicing, including Description, Quantity, Price, Location, Class, Job, and whether the item is taxable
      • To apply a discount, refund, or rebate, enter a negative value or percentage for Price
    • Customer Message - any extra details to help the customer understand and pay the invoice (appears below the line items on the invoice)
    • Send Via - Email the invoice now or later (customize the message after clicking Save), or uncheck the Email box if entering the invoice for record purposes only.
      • Email Now - The invoice will be sent immediately.
      • Email Later - The invoice will be created, but not sent till selected to email action is taken. See below for instructions on emailing later.
  4. Click Save


Things to know

  • Important: For security reasons, Print/Mail Invoice is only available after you’ve added an active bank account.
  • To ensure that payments are collected in a timely manner, a pop-up message will appear if Invoice date and/or Due date entered is a year or more before or after today's date.



Options after invoice creation

Invoice Actions (from the Invoice Summary box)

  • Clone - Create a new invoice with the exact same information (handy for recurring invoices)
  • Enter Payment - Record (post) payment received from customer
  • Attach a doc - include supporting paperwork
  • US Mail - We'll mail the invoice within one business day, including a return envelope and payment stub.
    • Important: For security reasons, Print/Mail Invoice is only available after you’ve added an active bank account.
  • Print - Save the invoice as a PDF file for printing, faxing, or mailing later
  • Email - Send the invoice directly to the customer, who will receive it as a PDF attachment to the email (the email includes a link to pay the invoice electronically)

Invoice Details (above image of invoice)

  • Summary - Details of invoice
  • Invoice Payments - Payments applied to invoice; enter (post) payment received from customer
  • Notes - notes entered for invoice; enter new note for invoice
  • Actions - Actions taken on invoice by users
  • Documents - Supporting paperwork for invoice
  • Audit Trail - A record of changes made to the invoice