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International Payments provides the option to send payments to International Vendors.

Enabling international payments

To enable international payments, please have an account Administrator contact customer support to enable this feature.

Things to know

  • Checks and PayPal (limited) only - International payments can only be made via check, not ePayments.
    • PayPal payments can be made to vendors in the US, Canada, India, and China. Learn more about International PayPal Business Payments here: 
  • $10,000 limit - The regulatory limit is $10,000 in payments per day for each vendor.
  • $1.99 each - charges $1.99 for each of these payments (to cover the additional processing and mailing).
  • Not combined - We do not combine multiple international payments into one check. Each international payment will be sent out on its own check.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks - International payments take longer to reach the recipient than US payments. Allow 2-3 weeks of mailing time.
  • Select Country - Select the vendor's country by editing the vendor's information and choosing it from the drop down menu. In certain cases, the vendors may have defaulted to US as a country, so it is worth checking to make sure the correct country is selected.
  • expedited payments cannot currently be used for international payments.
  • Currently, we only support US bank accounts in order to fund ePayments to vendors and receive ePayments from customers. Check payments to vendors may be cashed at any bank.
  • As with all payments, international payments are in U.S. dollars. 
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