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QuickBooks Desktop Sync Error: Why am I receiving a duplicate vendor error?


A duplicate vendor sync error surfaces when a vendor of that name already exists in the accounting software. 


Two records in

Contact Customer Support about merging the records.


If there is one existing record in the accounting software, and is trying to create second one, change the name slightly in (for example: add an asterisk to the end of the vendor name) Once you sync the record, you can edit the name in the accounting software to remove the asterisk or extra characters you added and your accounting software will prompt you to merge it.

Duplicate vendors don't exist in or Accounting Software

If you cannot find two records in either or the accounting software, likely the name is on another list in your accounting software You can still change the name slightly in by adding an asterisk or other character and syncing Once you do, when you remove the extra character, your accounting software will display the list that contains the duplicate and you can decide what you want to do from there You can always append a vendor name to include - Vendor at the end if the same name appears on your customer or employee list as an example As long as the Pay To is correct, your vendor will be paid accurately.