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How to move a document

In order to move a document, you will need to unassociate it and then retag it.
To remove (unassociate) a page from a bill:

Click the Inbox tab.
Click History. This displays the Files History table, which lists every document you've sent into and processed.
Click the name of the file whose page(s) you wish to unassociate. The image of one page of this bill will now display, along with the this page is: box.
Use the forward and back arrows to navigate to the page you wish to remove (unassociate).
When you reach the page you wish to unassociate, in the This page is: box, click Unassociate. The options in the This page is: box change, and you must now decide whether to delete this page (by clicking Unnecessary) or to change your mind and restore it as part of the bill (by clicking Part of the previous item).

*Note When you first click Unassociate, you are essentially "untagging" the page. Any unassociated page is returned to your Inbox. There you can view this page, or include it (i.e. re-associate it) with a document or a bill, or delete it.

The next page of the bill will display. Repeat this process. When you've processed the last page, the Document Processing page displays with a message indicating you have finished processing all of the documents.
Click the Inbox tab to tag the bill for reprocessing.