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How to intercept (Take Over) a document from the Data Entry Service Queue

At any time you can intercept non-invoice documents so they are not processed by the Zen service. If you do not take back these non-invoice documents, the Zen service will process them, and ultimately they will be escalated back to you by appearing in the Received section of your Inbox.
You'll be notified via e-mail that new documents have been received, and no data entry will have been performed on these documents.

To see documents that are currently being processed by Zen : Click the Inbox tab Click the Zen Queue link.
To take a document back from the Zen service and process it immediately: Click the Inbox tab Click the Zen Queue link. Find the document you want to process immediately and then click Take over . Enter that document information manually. If a document isn't processed immediately, it will remain in the Received section of the Inbox to be processed at a future time.
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