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Deleting a bill or document

For audit and security purposes, once a bill is entered into, the system will store it indefinitely. If this document is no longer needed in, it can be deactivated. 

Deactivate a bill

  1. Locate the bill
    • Find specific bills by clicking Payables > Bills, and locating it from the list, or by navigating to the vendor's page (search for the vendor, or click Payables > Vendors), and scrolling down to the Bills section
  2. If there are pending payments for this bill, either cancel or void the payment (depending on the stage of processing the payment is in)
  3. Click Delete/Deactivate (trash can icon)

Deactivate a document

  1. Click "Documents"
  2. Click the name of the document to deactivate
  3. Click Delete/Deactivate (trash can icon).


Voiding a bill payment


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