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Changing your account number for a large biller/vendor

To ensure proper posting of the payment, if an account number changes for a specific vendor, the best practice is to create a new vendor record and establish ePayments for the new vendor record with the updated account number.

However, if it's more desirable for record-keeping to update the account number in the existing record, that is also an option. If the vendor is already set up for ePayment, disconnect the current ePayment connection first. Some vendors in our network require that accounts numbers be entered in specific formats. If an account number is edited, it may not be a permitted match and could cause issues with the posting of the payment.


To change an existing vendor's account number for record information maintained by the vendor:

  1. Locate your vendor by using Search, or by hovering over Payables, clicking Vendors, and selecting your vendor from the list
  2. Next to the Pay by field click Unlink. This will revert the payment method back to Check
  3. Click Edit and enter your new account number
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Set up ePayments to set vendor up for ePayments again