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Managing email notifications and alerts

We send you emails to make sure you're aware of changes to your account, and about important or upcoming status changes to your bills.

You can customize when you get emails from us, for the following circumstances: 

  • New bills ready for approval from you
  • New documents in your Inbox
  • Denied bills that need to be fixed
  • Bills that are ready to be paid

Security-based alerts regarding payment confirmation, changes in company information, urgent matters regarding your account and other important related emails will be sent in real-time.



Set up email preferences

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Permissions, click Users
  3. Click your name. If you're an Admin changing email settings for another user, click their name.
  4. Hover over Details, and then click Email Preferences
  5. Click Edit 
  6. Select your preferred settings and click Save




  • Auto Bill Entry digests are sent daily. Currently, you can't turn this notification off, or change how often it's sent. However, this change will be coming in a future release. 
  • To receive emails on specific dates each month, select Monthly, on the following days, and enter numbers separated by commas (Ex: 1, 5, 10, 15...etc.)
  • Entering the 30th or 31st of the month will result in notifications sent on the last day of any month with fewer days (Ex: if you choose the 30th, a notification will be sent February 28th)
  • Members of an Approval group who have the setting "New bills ready for approval from you" are sent the notification immediately when assigned to a bill