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QuickBooks Plug in does not install (Windows Vista)

If installing the sync plugin in a Windows Vista environment:
1) It must be run as administrator.
2) If you don't see the menu item in QuickBooks in Windows Vista after following these steps, ensure that you have turned on "User Account Control" in Windows Vista. Contact your IT Administrator if you are uncertain whether this control is turned on.

Download the Sync program (~20 MB)
Install the plugin on your Windows Vista machine by launching the installer.
Right-click on your QuickBooks program and select Run as administrator.
Using QuickBooks, open your company file.
If an Application Certificate dialog box displays, select the fourth radio button (Yes, always) A confirmation page will display.
Click Done.
Close QuickBooks.
Re-open QuickBooks, and from the File menu, select, and then select Sync to initiate your Sync with
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