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Vendors: Applying payments


When paying vendors using payments, prints and mails a check or sends an ePayment to the vendor (if ePayments have been established):


  • If the vendor received an ePayment from, will transmit remittance information (Vendor Account Number, Invoice Number) both via email and on the bank statement.


  • If the vendor received a check payment from, the check stub will include Remittance Information that has the invoice number and the account number, if entered, for that vendor.
  • In addition to the check, the vendor also receives the information about the invoice paid. If only one bill payment is going out to the vendor, in addition to the check, the vendor receives the first page of the document associated with the invoice.
  • In the Payment Information page, click the Invoice Number. This displays the Bill Summary page with an exact image of the invoice that the vendor received along with payment.
  • If two or more payments are scheduled to the same vendor on the same Process Date, the vendor will receive only one check, which combines all the bill payments for that date, so that it is easier for the vendor to deposit / process the payments.
    • In this case, on the check stub for the vendor, instead of the first page of the document associated with the invoice, the vendor will see a table with all the bills paid with the check sent.
    • On the Payment Information page, see the Bills Paid With This Check table. An email with details about the payments is sent to the vendor (if a Payment Info Email address entered).