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Reasons to use Vantage/Paytrace with instead of another Merchant

Merchant services is offered through Vantage.


The top four reasons to go with Vantage/

  • Pricing - let Vantage/Paytrace give you a quote based on last month's merchant account bill. They'll beat it.
    • Here's the link from Vantage where you can get a quote without first creating an account (and Vantage will know you are a customer):
  • Support - and Vantage work closely together to give you end-to-end phenomenal support.
  • Integration - Invoices paid by credit card in Vantage flow into and then into your accounting system. If your customer asks you about a charge, we'll always have an answer.
  • No risk - Vantage and subscriptions are month-to-month.


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