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Reasons to accept credit card payments using / Vantage

The top five reasons to accept credit card payments using, powered by Vantage Merchant Services:

  • Multiple ways to get paid - your customers can pay their invoices by credit card in your branded payments portal and even set the invoices up for Auto Pay. Do you prefer to charge them yourself? No problem, you enter and charge their credit cards using the service too.
  • Deep Integration - invoices paid by credit card are seamless integrated between Vantage and and all the invoices and payments details sync to your accounting software. If your customer asks you about a charge, we'll always have an answer.
  • Pricing – Vantage offers simple and affordable pricing.  View a quote for accepting card payments at and apply in as little as 5 minutes. 
  • Support - and Vantage work closely together to give you end-to-end phenomenal support.
  • No risk - Vantage and subscriptions are month-to-month.


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