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How do you Void a check in Intacct

The location of the check in Intacct depends on when you catch the mistake.

If you already printed and confirmed the check, you'll find the check by running a Check Register report. To run this report, go to Accounts Payable > Registers > Check Register.
If you printed the check, but didn't confirm it, the check is still listed in the Print Checks screen. Go to Accounts Payable > Print > Checks.

Voiding a check that's already been confirmed ( Online Payments):

Once a check has been confirmed ( online payments), the transaction is complete and the payment is recorded in the Checking account. To void the check, you'll run a Check Register report, locate the check, and then void the payment.

In Intacct, Go to Accounts Payables > Reports & Registers & Check Register.
There, you can filter the Check Register by check number reporting period, department, etc.
Click View.
On the right side of the check, click the Void link. If you want to reverse the bill at the same time, click the Reverse checkbox.
Click submit.

Voiding an unconfirmed check ( offline Print Check payments):

If you noticed a mistake with the check while you were still in the Print Checks screen, you can void the check from there.

Go to Accounts Payable > Print > Checks.
To the right of the check, select the option labeled Select to confirm/void.

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