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eInvoice and eCredit Memo Status Updates

Companies using Receivables can now see the status of the eInvoices and eCredit Memos sent to the Customers they're connected to in the Network; this gives near-instant visibility into the status of an invoice, without having to make a phone call or send an email, saving time and hassle. 


Which statuses can I see?

  • eInvoice Statuses:
    • Invoice Sent
    • Invoice Accepted
    • Invoice Approved
    • Invoice Denied
    • Payment Processed
    • Payment Voided
  • Additional eInvoice statuses for Customer Portal users only:
    • Payment Scheduled
    • Payment Cancelled
    • Invoice Viewed
  • eCredit Memo Statuses:
    • Credit Memo Sent
    • Credit Memo Accepted
    • Credit Memo Approved
    • Credit Memo Denied


Where can I see the status of my invoice or credit memo? 

Open the Notes section at the top of the eInvoice or eCredit Memo in question to see statuses, and send messages or questions to your customer. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the Notes section to expand the invoice history.