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February 2014 - Release Highlights

Expanding and Improving Integration


Intacct Sync 2.0 (Private Beta)

Our improved Intacct sync will enable users to keep Intacct and up-to-date with no double data entry! The integration better allows you to pay your bills and get paid electronically, featuring a new two-way sync for AP bills and AR invoices/payments, and the ability to pay bills in that were converted from Intacct POs. Contact us for more information about becoming an early user; the new sync will be publicly available for all new accounts in a few weeks, and we’ll be ready to start migrating existing accounts in May.


Improvements to Import / Export

We’re continuing to improve our Import / Export feature to make it more powerful and versatile than ever! Easily import and export data for any accounting system - now you can:

  • Import Classes and Locations
  • Import using Vendor ID or Customer ID (rather than just Vendor/Customer Name)
  • Customize your import with Import Profiles – we adapt to your business practices
  • Expanded Export - now export any type of record from Accounts, Departments, Items, Jobs, Classes, Locations, Bills, Payments, Invoices, Payments Received, and Funds Transfers!
  • Easily import your transactions into Peachtree/Sage50 - we’ve added some key fields to our Transactions Exports to make them more compatible with Peachtree/Sage50.

Importing records and transactions to using .CSV files

Import Profiles

Importing for Peachtree/Sage50



Increasing Security


Multi-Factor Authentication now protects all accounts

We take the security of your account seriously - beginning 3/3/14, all accounts will be protected by multi-factor authentication - from time to time, when performing certain actions within your account, users will be prompted to enter a security code which is sent to their phone in a text or voice message. Multi-Factor Authentication



Improving User Experience


Fine-tuning Xero accounting preferences

You’ve asked for this feature, and now it’s available! Now, users who sync with Xero can keep their accounting consistent with Xero, and enter Chart of Accounts when entering Invoices and Bills with Items into!

Xero - Showing Chart of Accounts on Bills and Invoice Items


Inbox Report (Vendors Created) moved to Reports tab

If you use our Data Entry Service, you may be used to seeing the ‘Vendors Created’ report accessible from within the Inbox. In order to keep everything streamlined and consistent, that report now lives under the Reports tab, in the Payables Reports section.


Improving the Feedback experience

We love getting feedback from you! In order to improve the feedback experience, and to help us get as much information as possible, we’ve removed the Feedback widget from within Now, if you have a suggestion for a feature we don’t have, or a way we can make something better, click the Support link at the bottom of any page in your account, and click to Chat or send a Secure Email. This way, we can ask some questions and get as many details about your idea or suggestion as possible.