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How to cancel your account

Gasp! You wish to cancel? If you must, below are your procedures for doing so. Keep in mind, if it is because something is wrong, we would love the opportunity to fix it or address it before you sneak away into the night.

  1. If you are a company administrator, hover over the Gear icon and select Settings
  2. Under Your Account With Us box, click Billing
  3. Click the cancel link at the bottom of the page 
  4. Select a reason for the cancel and any comments that will help us improve our product or service and click the confirm button 

Important tips

  • If you are an accountant or have multiple accounts, make sure you are in the right account before canceling! 
  • Check for scheduled payments. In order to avoid payment interruption, wait to cancel until your scheduled payments have processed. 
  • Check for uncashed checks, returned checks, and failed ePayments. Uncashed payments must be cleared or voided and returned/failed payments must be voided, and the credits to your bank account should clear, prior to making a cancel request.
  • If you are in your first 30 days with us, you can leave without being charged for any of your service. Thereafter, we will bill you separately for the period you've used with us prior to canceling. 
  • If you have a free account that you use only to receive ePayments, please contact Customer Support to cancel your account.
  • If the account is overdue, it will need to be brought to current (paid) status in order to cancel. 

Canceling a console account

A console cancellation request can only be processed if there are no active client accounts under it. If the client accounts need to be canceled as well, please follow the steps provided above to cancel the client accounts. If the client accounts will continue to be used they will need to be unlinked from your Console. Please contact Customer Support to request the unlinking.

Once there are no active clients under the Console follow these steps to submit a cancellation request for the Console:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on Manage Console
  3. Click on Billing
  4. Click on I want to cancel my service