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Accepting credit card payments

The system provides the option to accept payments from customers via Credit Card
Accepting Payments via Credit Card

Accept credit/debit card payments through our relationship with Vantage Card Services and PayTrace:

  • Instant preferred price quote - Best interchange rates
  • Month-to-month agreement - Risk-free
  • Lowest commercial card rate - Level 3 payment processing -- Vantage/Paytrace will give you a personalized free quote
  • Unlimited personal service -  Payment consultations and specialized advice
  • Reward points - Get reward points for processing payments


  1. Hover over the gear icon  and click Settings
  2. Under Receivables, click Online Payments 
  3. From here, set up merchant services with Vantage
    • They'll walk you through the remainder of the process once you have initiated first steps through  You'll have a chance to review the costs before you commit to anything.

Thing to know

  • This feature is not available for subscription-free accounts
  • Vantage Card Services and PayTrace will only accept US based credit cards