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Process Date vs. "Arrives by" Date

When paying bills using, you'll be asked to select a Process date. This is the day we withdraw money from your bank account. 

The "Arrives by" date is the day that the payment will be delivered to the vendor. This date is determined by payment method, and your account's particular payment timing.

  • Check payments: We'll show "Est. Arrival" for check payments. This is our best guess, based on USPS delivery times.  
  • Vendor Direct payments: The “Arrives by” date is exact as this is the date when the payment arrives in the vendor’s email inbox.
  • ePayments: The "Arrives by" date will be exact. For ePayments, this is the date when your payment will arrive at your vendor's bank account. 

Want the "Arrives by ..." date to be sooner? After you've paid a few bills with us and everything is working well, we'll accelerate your payments. Once your payment timing is accelerated, you'll also have the option to use expedited payment timing. Learn more below!