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Correcting a vendor's bank account information

Previously entered bank account information can not be edited. When a vendor's bank account information entered in to needs to be corrected, the incorrect account must be deactivated. The instructions below provide details on setting up the bank account properly. This applies to bank information you've added to the vendor record manually. For vendors who are linked by Payment Network ID, see below.
Deleting Vendor Bank Information
  1. Click Payables > Vendors
  2. Click the vendor's name
  3. Hover over Vendor Details and click ePayment Info
  4. Click the account number of the account to be removed, and click Deactivate 
  5. Click OK to confirm
Once the outdated bank account has been deactivated, add the new info:
  1. Click Payables > Vendors
  2. Click the vendor's name
  3. Click Set up ePayments
  4. Click You already have their bank information
  5. Enter their bank account information, including Routing and Account Numbers, Bank Account Type, and contact email
    • Note: NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association - the organization that governs automated money movement in the United States) requires users to indicate the bank account type when adding any new bank account.
  6. Click Save



  • If your vendor uses to receive payments (either with a free Basic Receivables account, or a full Advanced Receivables account), and is linked in the network, they'll need to update their bank account information themselves. Read our article about sending vendor notes.


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