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Adding new vendors


    1. Hover over Payables, and then click Vendors
    2. Click New
    3. Enter your vendor's name to add them to your vendor list. We'll also search for them in our network, and display any potential matches we find. 
      • Enter additional information to refine the search:
        • Email Address
        • Account Number
        • ZIP code
    4. See if they're in the network! We'll search the Network and our network of large billers as well. 
      • If they are in the network: 
        • Click Connect to send an invite.
          • Note:
            • Smaller companies in the network will continue to receive check payments until they accept your invite. 
            • Large billers, like AT&T or Aetna, require an account number to connect. When you click Connect, you'll connect automatically.
        • Click edit  to add more information to the vendor record, such as: 
          • Tax ID
          • 1099 Status
          • Account Number
          • ...and more
      • If they aren't in the network, you have a few options: 
        • Enter their email address to invite them to set up a free account to receive ePayments from you.
        • Click Enter their information manually to complete their vendor record. 
        • Click Done to review. 


Things to know

  • Be sure to add your Account Number to the vendor record. This is how your vendor will know how to apply your payment. Large billers require an account number.
  • Make sure the vendor address is correct! Check payments will be delayed if an incorrect address is entered.
  • If you sync with an accounting system, vendors will sync to during your first sync
  • If you don't sync with an accounting system or are using a Basic account, take a look at the Import Vendors article for instructions on bulk importing vendors 
  • Vendor invitations expire after 60 days
  • As of May 2019, payment addresses are required on all vendors for compliance reasons