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Apply Credit Memos

When your customers have credit memos available, they can be applied in a few different ways.

You choose how credits are applied

With these options, you'll be able to manage which invoices to apply credits to, and in some cases, how much credit to apply.

  • From the Credit Memo Actions menu



  • When charging a customer - Click Apply to automatically apply any available credits



  • When creating an invoice - select Credits Available box if you want to any/all apply available credits to an open invoice during creation.



  • When a customer logs into your Customer Portal to make a payment, they'll see any available credits, which are automatically deducted from the Amount Due.





Your customer chooses when and how to apply available credits


If your customer is paying you from a Basic Payables account, they'll see Apply vendor credits under Payment Options, when vendor credits are available. From there they can choose how much of the available credits to apply.