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Manual bank account entry - verifying your bank account

If you've opted to enter your bank account manually, or if we required a micro-deposit for another reason, follow these steps to finish setting up your bank account.

  1. After you add your bank account we'll send a micro-deposit for a random amount less than $1.00.
  2. These test transactions will post the following business day if you complete the verification process before 6pm PT.
  3. Check your bank account for the transaction amount of either the debit or the credit (they'll be the same). The description line in your bank statement will have the company name, followed by
  4. After 2 banking days, sign in to, and click on Verify bank in your To Do list
  5. Enter the amount that you saw on your bank statement. The ability to verify the account will expire 2 weeks from the time the account is entered into Be sure to complete this step before then!
  6. Once you enter the correct amount, you will be taken to the Bank Account Detail page. You can now add other users to the bank account by nominating them. They will need to go through a quick verification process in order to pay bills.
  7. Bank verification will expire 2 weeks from the time you enter the account into Be sure to verify before the end of this period so that the account does not have to be entered again!




Adding a new user to the bank account


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