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Connecting multiple vendors to the same company in the Network

Sometimes you may have multiple accounts (and, therefore, multiple account numbers) with the same vendor. In, you need to have separate vendor records for each unique account number, to ensure payments are applied to the correct account. If your vendor uses, or if you've already invited them to receive ePayments, you can connect all those vendor records with the same company, so that all payments to that vendor can be ePayments!


To begin, one of the vendor records must be set up to receive ePayments from you, either by connecting through the Network, or by inviting to receive ePayments.
If you haven't done this already, you can use the steps here:

Inviting a vendor to be paid electronically

Once one of the records is connected, you'll need to obtain their Payment Network ID:

  1. Hover over Network, and click Connections
  2. Click on the company name of the vendor in question
  3. Copy their Payment Network ID from their network profile
  4. Hover over Payables, and then click Vendors
  5. Locate the vendor record you'd like to connect and click their name.
  6. Click "Payment Network ID [Enter]"
  7. Enter the Payment Network ID and click Find
  8. Under PAY, click Add new connection
  9. Confirm you want to add the company as an additional connection by clicking Send
  10. Repeat steps 4 - 9 for each vendor you'd like to connect to this company (Note: your vendor must accept each invite before you will be able to send a new one)