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Basic Receivables - eInvoicing

Free Receivables users have the ability to send invoices to customers, which helps to receive payment more quickly. Customers can be entered in the account. Invoices can then be created and emailed to them, even if they don't use Customers who do use will receive invoices directly in their account.


Creating and sending eInvoices

  1. Log into the free account and click "New" under "Invoices".
  2. On the New Invoice page, enter details such as:
    • Customer - the company or person being billed. If the customer a user, the invoice will automatically become an eInvoice, sent directly to their account. If not, they will receive it as a PDF attachment to an email.
    • Invoice Number - any numbers or letters to help identify the invoice later
    • Invoice Date - the day the invoice is created (not the day the invoice is sent)
    • Payment Terms - how soon payment is expected
    • Due Date - specific day payment is expected (filled automatically if Payment Terms is selected)
    • Invoice Template - the look-and-feel of the invoice
    • Item - details about the product or service for invoicing (to apply a discount, refund, or rebate, enter a negative value or percentage for Price)
    • Customer Message - any extra details to help the customer understand and pay the invoice (appears above the line items on the invoice)
    • Send Via - Email the invoice now or later (customize the message after clicking Save), or uncheck the Email box if entering the invoice for record purposes only.
      • Email Now - The invoice will be sent immediately.
      • Email Later - The invoice will be created, but not sent till selected to email action is taken. See below for instructions on emailing later.
  3. Click Save
  4. Customize the email message if desired and then click Send


Email Later

If you select Email Later when creating an invoice, the email queue can be accessed from the home page.

  1. From the home page, click Invoices To Email
  2. Select the invoices to email and click Send via Email
  3. Ensure the correct email address is listed, and make changes if necessary
  4. Click Next
  5. Customize the email message if desired
  6. Click Send



To ensure that payments are collected in a timely manner, a pop-up message will appear if Invoice date and/or Due date entered is a year or more before or after today's date.