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Free Basic Receivables

The free Receivables account for accepting ePayments from users has some exciting new features. The account now has a new home page, the ability to create new Customers and Items, and the ability to send eInvoices to the connected companies to get paid even faster. You can also get verified, allowing you to get paid by any customer, even ones who don't use!


Your Home Page

From the home page, you can keep track of open invoices -  quickly see which ones are overdue, and which ones have due dates coming up. You can also keep track of the payments received over the past three months, and even record manual payments. 



Get verified

Learn how to use your free account to get paid by all your customers!

Basic Payables and Receivables - Getting Verified FAQ

Invoice customers
Get paid faster - create and send invoices to customers using

Free Receivables - eInvoicing

Create new customers
Add new customers to the account, and email them invoices.

Create a New Customer

Create items to use in invoices
Items will help make invoicing easy.

Set up new product or service (Items)

Recording manual payments
Sometimes a customer might send payment outside of Now these payments can be recorded in, so records are all in one place.

Free Receivables - Recording Offline Payments Network
Use the Network to connect with other companies, who also use, to receive electronic payment. 

The Network - Overview