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Formatting Bill Payments Export for Peachtree/Sage 50


After exporting payments to be imported into Peachtree/Sage 50, use these steps as a guide for formatting your file.


  • In the export file, reorder the columns as follow and remove any column that is not listed below:
    • Vendor Id
    • Process Date
    • Payment Account Number
    • Payment Amount
    • Total Line Items
    • Invoice #
    • Payment Payment Amount
  • After the last column, insert a new, empty column; For each field in this new column, enter the method of the payment. Providing the value "Check" for each row in this column will suffice, this can be more specific based on the Payment Methods in Peachtree/Sage 50.
  • Once finished, remove the first row in the Import file (the row that contains the headers).
  • In Peachtree / Sage 50, navigate to File > Select Import/Export
  • Click Accounts Payable
  • Click Payments Journal
  • Click Import
  • In the Fields tab of the Import window, select "Show" for only the following fields (deselect "Show" for all other fields):
    • Vendor ID
    • Date
    • Cash Account
    • Total Paid on Invoice(s)
    • Number of Distributions
    • Invoice Paid
    • Amount
    • Payment Method
  • In the Options tab, make sure that "First Row Contains Headings" is deselected.