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Understanding bill or payment status

In, bills move through the approval stage, and then through the payment stage. Within each stage, a bills status will change. Familiarizing yourself with the meaning of each bill status will help you manage your payables more efficiently.

(Note: not every bill goes through each status.)

Bill Approval Status Meaning
Unassigned  All new bills entered into the system will default to "Unassigned", until you assign at least one approver to it .Depending on your company's Approvals settings "Unassigned" bills can be processed, and paid without the involvement of another individual.
Assigned The bill has been routed for approval, but the first person on the approver list has not approved it.
Approving The bill has been approved by at least one approver, but has not yet been approved by all assigned approvers.
Approved The bill has been approved by all approvers assigned to the bill.
Denied The bill has been denied for payment by at least one approver. The person responsible for managing bills in the company will receive an email alert that a bill has been denied, and will need to review the bill either to correct any errors and re-route it for approval, or deactivate it.



When a bill payment is made, then a Bill Payment record is created. Below are explanation of the statuses.

Payment Status Meaning
Scheduled  The bill payer has used the system to pay this bill online, but funding for the payment hasn't been initiated yet. Bills with the "Scheduled" status can be canceled up until funding has been initiated (i.e., before the Process Date).
When bills are scheduled to be paid online, the funds will be withdrawn on the Process Date, and then vendors are paid without further action on any individual's part (unless there are exceptions).

After the Funding Initiation Date/Time, the funds will be withdrawn from your bank account and then the payment will be sent to the vendor on a calculated Disbursement Date/Time (the Disbursement date is calculated using several different parameters, such as bank, amount and payment type). The payment then has the status of "Paid".

Once funding has been initiated (meaning, once we've sent a notification to the bank that funds are going to be withdrawn), a scheduled bill payment can no longer be cancelled, even though the funds have yet to be withdrawn from your bank account. You can request a payment in Paid status to be voided. When you void a bill payment, you are requesting a stop payment. Stop payments are on a best-effort basis.

Cancelled The bill had been scheduled for payment, but the payment was cancelled before funds were withdrawn, and before the bill reached the Paid status.  This bill will not be paid. The payment will have to be re-scheduled, or the bill should be deactivated (i.e., removed from your queue).
Void The payment had been made, but was subsequently voided.  When an "online" bill payment is requested to be voided, it is contingent on a successful stop payment. Stop payments are on a best-effort basis.