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How is remaining compliant with AB 370?

On September 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law California Assembly Bill 370 (AB 370), which amends the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) by requiring businesses to disclose how they respond to Do Not Track signals. The law is effective January 1, 2014.

Here's what you need to know about AB 370

AB 370 requires companies to address:

  • How they respond to a browser signal such as Do Not Track (DNT), or any other mechanisms that provide consumers with the ability to exercise choice.
  • Whether other parties may collect data through the website/online service.

How does AB 370 affect

We already meet the minimum requirements set forth by AB 370. We adhere to the new amendment by disclosing the following in our Privacy Policy:

  • What type of data is collected, how that data is used, and whether collected data is shared or transferred to third parties
  • What third parties, actively or passively are collecting data through a website or online service and the purpose of that collection
  • If data is being collected about a consumers online activity, then the privacy policy must include a link to a mechanism that offers consumers choice.

You can read our Privacy Policy at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any page in, or reviewing it here.